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All About The Best Wedding Videographer

wedding photo and video packages sydney

Investing a lot of time, energy, money and so many emotions on a wedding day, it is not fair if you do not get a proper photography done for that day only. It is a great way to make sure that you have understood the meaning of memories in your life and so you want to capture any memories that you can get related to that day only and that is why people in the modern era of 2020 are fond of getting the fair share of the wedding videos that they can save for their future generations to look at and see how they were in love and everything in that case as well then in such scenarios. There are a lot of reasons as to which people hire wedding photographers and videography in sydney so many of them are even mentioned and explained in this blog to make people understand the vitality of a wedding photographer to be there at the most special day of the life of a groom and the bride too for that matter then.

  • You can send the video to people that couldn’t come

There are always guests that could not come to your wedding because of some issues. The wedding video in sydney is important so that you can gather all the cool memories of the day and share with anyone that you like. Be it any guests that could not come on that very day or for yourself to look at when you are old enough to show the video to your kids to see how you both were in love at the time of your wedding and all the emotions are suddenly triggered as well.

  • Videos capture intensity

We all know how pictures tell a story, but one can interpret wrong ones, but with the videos, it shows what the person in the video was feeling like and they can just relive that day repeatedly. No matter how many times they want to look at the video. You can look at the people laughing and at the same time you can look at them go crying in an instant because they are getting so emotional with the thought of the bride leaving with the groom to start a new life of her own in that case. One is always given the blessing of these best video photographers to show them that they can take the shots that they were not expecting them to take. They would make sure that everyone feels what it felt like on the wedding day itself. Even the people that did not attend the wedding will be able to live that day.


A Brief Guide For The Selection Of The Wedding Venue

When any couple think of their big day, the first thing that comes to their mind is where they are going to do the wedding. The place holds a significant importance in it and therefore, the wedding venues in Richmond are getting popular day by day. More and more people are booking beautiful places for their weddings so that they could have most fun on this day. Although, in this excitement, many couple end up taking the wrong decisions in terms of their wedding venues. Therefore, there are certain considerations about certain aspects of the wedding venue which the couple must consider when looking for the venues. Some of these are listed below:


The wedding venues could either be in the public parks or public beaches or these could be at some private garden and some private golf club. Although if you are concerned about the privacy of the place then the private venues are the best option for you because in public areas, anyone could come at your wedding and could do all sorts of things. If you do not worry about such things then it is fine for you to have the wedding event at some public spot. Although there are many marques and banquets as well which are reserved for the weddings now a days. The timings could be according to your requirement whether you want the event at night or in day. Although one disadvantages is that there could be number of events going on in the same banquets in the adjacent hall but the venue is decorated well and is secured so you do not have to worry about these things.

Have the best lightings:

Lightings add the most important element in the wedding venue. When the wedding is taking place in a day and the event is at some park or the open area then there is not much light needed but the basic lightening which is for the decorations is enough but in the case when the wedding is taking place in some indoor area then there must either be enough windows that the day light is coming to the room or there must be good lightnings since you and your guests do not want to spend the event in the dark. Same kind of thing applies when the wedding is taking event at night but at night not only there needs to be the proper lightening inside the venue but there must be lightening outside so that the guests could easily walk and find the place. The venues such as the banquets have the lightening already installed in these.

From Conventional Wedding Videography To Something Trendy

In today’s world where every single thing has become electronically and technologically advanced, one cannot eliminate the wedding photography and videography out of this. Something which has been considered as boring and conventional for example: handling an old fashioned handy cam with normal camera power and shooting average quality video screening. Now things have comparatively changed from previous times; affordable cameras and lenses have made it easier for the young generation to capture the events and memories in a trendy and classy way. Previously all the technical stuff was so pricy that it was better to take pictures and shoot videos from Uncle Tom’s iPhone. Presently, a camera pricing $ 5000 can solve the purpose of a camera which used to cost around $80,000 in 2003, ultra HD captivating lenses, motion still features and fantastic zooming abilities of a lens has condensed everything in one camera with an affordable price.

Obviously the whole genre of wedding photography cannot be discussed without talking about affordable wedding video in Sydney, because photography tells a short and still story whereas video is something which tells the complete moving story with audio, makes it more desirable and catchy for the couples. It’s like living in the moment again, so much so, ranges and varieties are there starting from 320p, 480p, 720p, 1080p and now ULTRA HD and 4K (means these videos cannot be seen on a normal LED TV and this requires ultra-modern screens). Imagine the significance of a video recording on such a occasion where couple is making promises to each other, holding hands and talking sweetly in order to make the moment priceless YES! Wedding day is the name of that day, photography becomes even more essential on such days. It is true that the upfront cost of the photography scares the most, but in real the thing one gets out of it is priceless and precious. Thanks to the modern technology now videos and photographs can be saved for decades without a single spot on it.

Currently things have become easier to learn and to understand thanks to YouTube and Google, where everything single tutorial and description helps towards progress. Surprisingly, young boys and girls handle the overall photography like a pro. Which means that knowledge is there and gadget is also available at a very reasonable price. Things have changed significantly from a tripod camera stand to a motion still picture (where even if the hand is shivering picture won’t move an inch). Previously wedding videos were edited by using adobe and other common software, now things are so trendy that apps and software are playing a vital role to amend even the worst shot.

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The Same-Sex Big Day Checklist

Same-sex marriages are becoming a reality in more and more states and countries worldwide. This is a testament to the growing acceptance of the LGBT movement worldwide, which indeed is a happy occasion for both love and lovers of the world. However, despite the fact that LGBT tolerance is growing, many same-sex couples still face unprecedented obstacles in planning their weddings or commitment ceremonies. The reason is the fact that there still remain countries and states that do not approve of the LGBT movement, and the fact that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is still not banned in certain parts of the world. Accordingly, here are some of the best points a same-sex couple should know when planning their big day:

  • Find a gay-friendly wedding service – most of the wedding industry is specifically aimed at straight couples, which means that same-sex couples will find it hard to find what they need or are looking for. The easiest way to find most of the resources you need is to simply start by finding a wedding service or weddings-related website that caters exclusively to same-sex couples. These websites will not only include the aesthetic details of your or wedding, but they will also include the more important legal aspects that you might forget to think about.
  • Do hire a wedding planner – the days leading up to the wedding are stressful for most couples, but there is a good chance that a same-sex couple can get even more stressed. The reason why? The aforementioned discrimination, both in obvious unobvious forms, means that most gay couples will have to eventually come out to each and every service (that is, the florist, the bakery, the reception hall, etc.) in order to make sure that the services will cater to their needs, and frankly put, not only can this be tiring, but the prospect of being rejected is quite disheartening. This is why it is extremely important to hire a wedding planner: he or she can be in charge of maintaining communications with the services, and perhaps even with creative wedding proposal ideas.
  • The guests – let us be honest here: there is almost a hundred percent chance that not all of your acquaintances or relatives (the emphasis is on relatives, of course) will be supportive of your relationship. This is an inevitable thing, and it is best that you steel yourself up before you make your rounds with the invitations. Do not be aggressive – express your wishes to see them participate, and if they refuse (or worse, ignore you), it is best that you focus on your partner, and the guests who are supportive of you two. For more information, please click here. 

How To Get A Party Rolling

Birthdays are awesome, but they are even awesome when they are remembered and celebrated with those you love the most. Planning a birthday celebration isn’t a big of a deal. They are in fact a lot of fun and highly thrilling – the planning and the party! If you wish to have a full blown one in a very grand scale, it could obviously be a bit more intense. But if your plan is to have it right at home, where plenty of love and warmth exists, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. All you would need is a couple of hands and a mind full of imagination. And some supplies.


Two things you would put your mind on are décor and food, which includes an iconic birthday cake. When it comes to décor, you’d naturally think of confetti balloons Sydney, or just balloons and confetti, snow spray, candles and other colourful things. All of these need to be put together with the right combinations of colour, type and size, and a little bit of other ‘supportive décor’ in order to create something remarkable and pretty. You could use banners, fabrics and other kinds of objects that technically aren’t meant for decoration but might seem incredibly apt for the occasion. If you can afford to go a little out of the way to find twinkly lights and tinsels, that would be even better!

More Décor

When it comes to quality balloons and banners, the fact that they can be customized to your need might fascinate you much! Custom balloon printing services are made available to satisfy all your party needs and fantasies and make your celebration a fabulous one. You can give them words, phrases, pictures and photographs to have them printed on any type of balloon of your choice. Isn’t that amazing? You can put the funniest quotes and hilarious photographs on large balloons to make the day extra special! It could be a cool way of surprising the birthday boy/girl and make their jaws drop with happiness, or their faces squirm with embarrassment! Either way, it all becomes part of the fun! Parties without balloons and birthday cake aren’t parties at all. In fact, décor, food and the right people are all essential components that make a beautiful and memorable celebration. Birthdays come once in a year, and you never really know if you’ll have a chance to celebrate and have fun every time. Situations can change, so can people. Therefore, having a gala time whenever it is permitted is something you would never regret doing.