Business – Based Social Media: A Good Thing?

It is a common thing for a business man to be on his phone for almost the entire working day, what with the constant emails about meetings and presentations to prepare for his peers. In this day and age, it is hard for someone to be without a phone, therefore there are businesses that are coming up with innovative ideas to make lives easier for these businessmen, who are very eager to move up in their corporate structures and find some satisfaction from the work that they have been doing. But the real question is whether it is actually helping them? Or is it taking more time away from these people who think they’re being smart by using these social media apps?

Let’s take an example of a person working in the marketing department of a big firm in his/her country. They might be tempted to try out wechat advertising in HK which is built specifically for corporations such as this. This is because the service account will be much better than the subscriptions account also by the same company because it caters to marketing/promotional needs of the department and helps with the peer to peer communication system as the app is first and foremost a communications app. However, if it were any other department of the same company, they would most likely not have fun with this function as it may not find it useful as It may not cater to its needs and therefore the app would be rendered obsolete if the wrong types of business try to use it.

On the other hand there are nothing but positives for the use of the social media for companies such as event agencies. This is because these business are not aiming at just the business side of the internet but also the individuals who use the social media a lot. This is because they are able to promote their upcoming events on the social media sites and the people who are interested will decide to whether show up at the event or not depending on the type of event it is. And the added bonus of using this way to promote their events this way is it’s basically free and even if they do have to pay, it’s a very minimal fee which won’t cause a huge effect in their cash flow. Visit–event- if you are looking for best event organizer.

As this is just the beginning of a new tech bubble, these apps have both their advantages and disadvantages. The companies have to really do their homework and decide whether or not they will benefit by using these apps and if or not they can afford it.